Five Years!

Today I am grateful for time off from work and a different routine if I choose. I am also grateful for the energy in "thank you, thank you, thank you."  Once is good. Three times carries more potency.

Today marks the fifth anniversary of "Habitual Gratitude."  It is hard to believe that I have been diligently committed to this blog for that long already. It is also hard to believe what I have gained and learned since starting. I went back to each yearly anniversary post and pulled out some thoughts:

March, 2013
It has also given me a regular channel to which I can pour my writing energy. Before I started this blog, I always wanted to write regularly, but I was not always able to make that happen. On too many days, I would end up frustrated because I hadn't been able to honor my desire to write. My day had gotten swallowed up by other commitments. Now, I almost daily give time to this blog and the writer in me is more at peace because of the regular opportunity to compose and share.

March, 2014
What do I know today? Gratitude is always possible and there is always value in reflecting on sources of gratitude in our lives on a regular basis. I choose to do it daily, but even weekly or a couple times a week is helpful. Any focus on gratitude is a step in the right direction, a step to change one's perception of self and surrounding world. 

March 2015
The process of habitually noting how gratefulness looks in simple, daily ways has deepened my own sense of what mindful appreciation is all about. What I didn't anticipate is how it would further bring out the writer in me. Practice doesn't make perfect, but practice does make better. In blogging and in observing and internalizing gratitude.

March, 2016
As I pass this anniversary, I am very much affirmed of two things:
1) I am a writer.
2) Gratitude practice works.

And I add these thoughts in March, 2017:

1) Real writers really write. Write on Lisa, write on. That's all.
2) Humility and right-sized ego are key benefits of gratitude practice.
3) Never doubt that gratitude shared is gratitude multiplied. Even if with just one other person.
Even if just within your own heart, soul, and mind. Especially in these cases.

Thank you to all who support this blog, read it, comment on it, take it to heart. Gratefulness goes deep to my core. It is my heart and soul as a writer and as a human being on a spiritual path. For all of you, and for all of this, I am deeply grateful.


  1. Congratulations Lisa! Impressive. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. Thank you for reading Aileen. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for continuing to encourage and support this writer. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Steve! Amazing how hours add up to days and days add up to years. Each post has been a blessing to me.


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