Just Sitting Here

Today I am grateful for a nice breakfast and conversation with my friend Liz yesterday. We never run out of things to talk about. I am also grateful for laughter shared among recovery friends. There is hope and energy in that laughter.

This morning, I am just sitting here in my recliner. Looking out our front window enjoying the colors of the sunrise on the first clear morning we have had after several cloudy and dreary days.

Our dog Oliver is sitting near my feet, just being his usual self. My son Sam just sat down on the couch in front of the window. Soon, I will leave with him to drop him off at school. My husband Darcy, set to begin his work day, just swung through to mention a couple of things.

Just sitting here, I slowed down enough to notice and appreciate three key living beings in my life: Oliver, Sam, Darcy. The gratitude they inspire in me is boundless, though I sometimes forget to appreciate them.

Just sitting here, I took the time to watch the changing light, to absorb the peaceful feeling the sunrise and early morning mist combine to bring to me. The gratitude nature inspires in me is boundless, though I sometimes forget to appreciate it.

Just sitting here, because I can. I have time off from work this week, giving me more opportunities to pause and take in a moment. Breathe it in. Experience it. And I feel better. I slow down my thoughts and my pace.

I realize that just sitting here like this is a gift in itself. One I can carve out time for each and every day. The gratitude these pauses inspire in me is boundless. Let me not forget to appreciate at least a few of them every day.

Sit down. Take a moment. What do you notice?


  1. That I should do it more often!

    1. Amen! I expect too much of myself most days. Just sitting here helps me become kinder and gentler to others and myself.


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