Look who is 2!

Today I am grateful for the friends I have in recovery and how we celebrate and live this recovery together. I am also grateful for our grandson Leo. 

Today is Leo's second birthday! We celebrated with him and his mom Emily last evening. The picture below is a little blurry, but I really like his little boy face smiling back at us. Cheez-its, some juice, and the pig magnets he likes to play with from off the refrigerator accompany him.

We appreciate that we see him regularly and have literally watched him grow up. He has an inquisitive and stubborn personality that may challenge his mom at times, but that his grandpa and grandma find endearing. He is comfortable in our home and with us and that means a lot to us. 

Emily is a good mother and a caring, loving one looking out for her child's best interests. Leo is blessed to have many family members, both on his mom's side and dad's side, who care about him and are involved in his life. 

And we are the fortunate ones to be treated to his expanding vocabulary, charming smiles, and requests to go outside or read more books. It is hard to believe he is already two. It doesn't seem possible. But he is, and we celebrate with him today! 


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