More Where That Came From

Today I am grateful for the success of Darcy's medical procedure yesterday and that he came out of anesthesia pretty well. I am so thankful to the pulmonologist who did the procedure and her compassionate but direct demeanor, and to all who assisted her from start to finish in big and small ways.

Hindsight: there's always more where that came from. So more hindsight before moving on to the letter G. The procedure Darcy had yesterday was an advanced bronchoscopy to remove a hamartoma (benign tumor) in the left lower lobe of his lung. It was blocking a bronchiole and causing recurring pneumonia.

A post from December 6 and this post from December 8 both are about the initial bronchoscopy Darcy had, awaiting biopsy results, and the huge relief in news of a benign tumor. In the 6 weeks or so since then, we have many times returned to the gratitude we feel that Darcy isn't dealing with something more serious.

But as yesterday's procedure approached, there was also concern and trepidation. He had never been under full anesthesia before, so he had the fear of the unknown that no one else can quell entirely. And though low risk, this procedure could still become problematic and have far greater ramifications than a same-day procedure would have.

As we headed to the hospital early in the morning, all of those varied emotions came along. Add to it that I was now the loved one sitting in the same hospital waiting area Darcy had sat in for my bilateral mastectomies eight years ago.

Before recent events, he had the hindsight of a caretaker and I had the hindsight of a patient. Now, we both know at least some of what the other was going through. It adds a layer of understanding that you can't get any other way.

With this new hindsight, we also gain fresh insight and foresight. Each day is a gift. Live it well.
Find peace and share it. Give love and receive it. Don't wait. Start now.