Today I am grateful for Sam's successful wrestling tournament yesterday and that his shoulder is doing much better. I am also grateful for Darcy and other parents who made the lengthy tournament
day enjoyable.

I am back to my Z-A list with the word GRAVITATE. To move toward or be attracted to a person, place or thing. When we encouraged Sam to try a winter sport in 6th grade, he leaned to wrestling over basketball or hockey, but was hesitant about any. Once he got involved in wrestling, he really gravitated to it and has remained inclined to it ever since.

We are grateful for that. It has been a positive involvement for him in many ways, and Darcy and I have appreciated getting to know a sport neither of us was very knowledgeable about.

I tend to gravitate towards people in recovery who are working on solutions, not staying stuck in problems. Really, these are the people I am inclined to want to be around in all areas of my life. People who are genuine and honest, and share the muck and mire, but don't stay bogged down by it all.

People who take ownership of their significant part in their own life story, instead of blaming and finger pointing and being a victim. People who have a positive energy and direction and exude that more than they exude self-pity and poor-me. Negative people are such a drain.

I gravitate to regular gratitude practice day after day for many reasons, but one is that I hope to be a person others tend to want to be around or be connected to. Gratefulness makes me kinder and gentler, more calm and a better listener. It is what I strive for anyway, and practice makes progress possible.

Lean into some gratitude practice, whether just starting out or continuing an ongoing effort, and see where it takes you today. Gravitate to gratitude.


  1. Moving towards gratitude has been a positive life affirming place to gravitate towards. Great idea.

  2. And an idea that never gets old, as long as I keep it simple and take action. Thanks Danita!


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