Today I am grateful for Culver's custard, comfortable shoes, and family and friends who enrich my life.

I return to my Z-A list today with the word ISOLATING. Setting apart. Separating. In this case, humans isolating themselves is what comes to my mind first.  People in recovery from alcoholism and other addictions talk about the danger in isolating. Pulling away. Not choosing to be around those working on recovery. Staying in one's own mind and space.

These are indeed dangerous places for people suffering from a disease that primarily rests in the mind. If I isolate, I only have my own thoughts to rely on. It can become a slippery slope quickly, because my alcoholic mind starts to think some pretty tricky thoughts when left alone too long.

I am also thinking about isolating as it refers to one of the drawbacks of technology and screen time. It would seem that we are more connected than ever in terms of social media, email, text messages, etc. In reality, they isolate us because they limit the type of communication that is most humanizing and most authentic--face to face, eye to eye, shoulder to shoulder.

I am grateful that I have recovery friends who would notice if I was isolating. I am grateful that my day has plenty of humanizing and authentic communication.