Today I am grateful for other bloggers, some I know personally and some I do not, who share their words and insights with the rest of us. I am also grateful for apples and their crisp texture and taste.

VACUOUS is an interesting word that you don't hear all that much. A brief and general definition would be "lacking content." It often is used to imply a blank or empty mind, in a derogatory way.

Today I would like to consider the benefits of a blank or empty mind. Or at least a less full one. I am working on expanding this emptiness in a good way. Clearing the slate or turning off the "blahblahblah" in my head that can run nonstop is good for me, but difficult. So I seek progress, just simple progress.

Vacuous moments if you will. Pauses. Purges of self-defeating, energy-zapping drivel that one part of my mind always seems to be producing. Each pause and purge makes that part a little smaller, a little less powerful.

As I walked our dog Oliver this morning, I also thought of vacuous as I considered the space between us and the stars in the sky. Technically, there is plenty between us and them, atmospherically and cosmically speaking, but it feels like a wide open space. In the mornings, that is an inviting space for me. Welcoming me to a new day and fresh opportunities to live life fully.

My life is anything but vacuous when it comes to considering my blessings. For that, I am truly grateful.