How about Z to A? Start from ZILCH

Today I am grateful for clean and cold drinking water easily accessible to us. I am also grateful for the members at our church who help make sure weekly services take place smoothly, including my husband Darcy.

It's time for my fifth A-Z gratitude list on Habitual Gratitude. To connect to the first four, start with this post.  I've decided to make this one a Z-A list. Why not mix it up a bit?  Keeps me on my writing toes. Gratitude is gratitude, no matter how it is organized. Avoid ruts and complacency by taking new approaches.

I also have this thing about not repeating myself, so I will make sure to come up with original ideas for each letter.

For "z" I have already used zeal, zest, zany, zinger, zenith, zucchini, Zoot, and Zeppelin.  So ZILCH it is this time around. The zilch I am grateful for is the dice game. Six dice, two or more people, and a suggested paper and pen to keep score. That is all that is necessary. No batteries needed. Nothing high tech about this game. That's exactly one of the reasons why I like it.

Another reason I like it is because it creates family memories. My husband, son and I just played a couple games last night and had some fun and laughter. My sisters in Colorado first got me interested in the game and we'll usually play when we get together.

I especially think of my brother-in-law Roger. He liked playing zilch and continued to play it even as Lewy body dementia took more and more of a toll on him.  His wife, my sister Danita, her son Tyler, and my sister Ann often got the dice rolling when spending time with Roger. They would tell you it was an enjoyable and comforting way to spend time with him, and Roger clearly was having fun.

That's the whole point with zilch. It always seems to bring out laughter and some friendly ribbing about who has the luck of the dice and who doesn't. Zilch may be a score in this game, but it certainly doesn't indicate how much fun is had while playing.

There came a time when Roger was no longer able to play zilch. He died on November 1, 2015.

Roger's memory lives on and so does the game of zilch.  A simple game of chances. Like life.


  1. Like the switch of Z-A. In addition to zilch - fun game - I am grateful for our sister Zita. Sisters - A-Z - Aileen and Ann to Zita.

    1. Sisters Z-A! I'll second that with gratitude times 7, for each one of you. :-)


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