Today I am grateful for my heart and my eyes--that they work in the physical and practical senses, but also in the emotional sense. 

STARS is the word I am going to give my writing energy to today. I am not referring to the celebrities here, I am referring to the awe-inspiring ones in the sky. I appreciate a clear morning or evening when I can be outside, look up, and see star after star. If I am out in the country, away from all the city lights, I can see many more. 

I can't really grasp the vastness of it all. There are billions of stars in the Milky Way and I can barely comprehend the distance some of them are from little old Earth. It is humbling to consider such vastness and my part in it. Humility is a good partner with gratitude practice. Starting with humility allows us to see more gratitudes than we would otherwise, which brings more humility, and on we go.

If I could step on my soapbox for a moment though, I do have a couple comments about those human "stars."  I am wary of all the hype and admiration heaped on people we have never met or don't know personally. 

I prefer to consider the human stars in my life to be people I know and interact with, like our grandson Leo. We watched him for a good portion of this last weekend. The pictures tell it all. He spent a lot of time moving around our house and really likes climbing stairs to check things out. Because he did a lot of that, the look you see in the second picture is little Leo minutes away from a well-deserved nap.

A couple of the other stars in my life are the ones who spent this time together with Leo and I--my husband Darcy and our son Sam. I share my humanness with these guys daily, and they still love me.
That puts them at the top of my list, and yet some days I take them for granted.

Who are the stars in your life? Have you told them lately?