Today I am grateful for the numerous writing outlets I have and pursue. I am also grateful for my job and the variety of ways I get to interact with others.

This week I have also been especially appreciative of the snowplow and salt/sand truck drivers who have worked hard to keep our roads clear and safer.

When I think of QUENCH, thirst usually comes to my mind first. I know it is winter now, but think of a hot and humid day; mowing lawn, getting back from a run, or helping unload a load of hay. Then think of that very cold, very refreshing drink of water that you treat yourself to. That type of thirst can be quenched. But don't wait too long.

Some of you non-alcoholics probably think of a cold beer as a quencher. It has the opposite effect on people like me. One drink doesn't quench, and neither does ten. The first sets in motion a craving that wants to drink itself silly and does.

Besides thirst, there are other priorities we each have that deserve quenching. Writing is one of my passions and I keep quenching it with daily efforts. One of the best benefits, of many, to come out of this blog for me is that my writing gets regular time and attention.

I no longer wait to get other things done and then get to my writing. (Many days, it never happened.) I now start each day with blogging and journaling. I am satisfied. My passion for exploring the writer within is quenched.

It has made all the difference. What needs quenching in your life? Start today. Start with little sips instead of gulps if needed.