Today I am grateful for conversation with and a ride home from my friend Paula. I am also grateful for the clarity of my thoughts this morning.

Why would I go looking for a word like WRONG? Because it carries many good reminders for someone like me. For all of us.

I was wrong several times yesterday. Nothing major, but wrong nonetheless. I suspect today will hold more of the same. Other people were wrong yesterday too. A couple of their mistakes or miscalculations impacted my day, but not too significantly. I am proud to say that I handled their "wrongs" in a calm and understanding manner.  We all make mistakes, right?

Why can't I be as calm and understanding with myself when I goof up, stumble, make an error?  I remain my own worst enemy. Progress is happening though. I cut myself more slack than I used to.
And when I cut myself more slack, I tend to do the same for those around me.

Wrong also calls to mind unjust and unfair situations. When I witness those, become an unwilling party to them, or inadvertently create such a scenario because of my own actions or words, I need to speak up. For everyone's sake.

It also calls to mind one of the key benefits of gratitude practice. I spend a lot less time pondering what is going wrong in my life and a lot more time noting what is going right. Nothing wrong in that approach.