Today I am grateful for my favorite sweatshirts and the sense of comfort, physical and other, that they provide. I am also grateful for the opportunities I am given to continue to evolve.

EVOLVE. It is defined simply as developing gradually. It takes patience and faith to evolve, and it also takes effort. We don't control every aspect of the evolving that goes on in our bodies and minds, in our hearts and souls, but we certainly are better served by it all when we are willing participants.

I continue to evolve as a wife and mother, a writer, a recovering alcoholic, a runner, a maturing woman. There is plenty going on in this head, heart, and soul and I am happy to report that much of it is positive and productive.

A key reason that is the case today is that I have evolved in my gratitude practice. What started as simply writing down a couple things I was grateful for each day in my gratitude journal has become much more. I have other mindfulness and gratitude practices incorporated in my days; quiet time on commutes, A-Z lists when exercising, gratitude letters and notes to others, this blog, and more.

The increased practice has led to growing insights and inspiration, and also to more focused energy.

It is with anticipation that I look forward to more evolving. I never could have imagined I would be here, comfortable in my own skin and often comfortable in my own head.

Pause and consider the positive evolving going on in and around us today.