Today I am grateful for the way my new Isotoner gloves feel and that they were half-priced. I am also grateful for my husband Darcy and the nice meal he made for us last evening.

Like comfortable gloves, JELLY is a simple pleasure in my book. I have always been a fan of jelly, on toast in particular. Growing up, I was not a fan of peanut butter, so it was usually butter on toast and then whatever jam or jelly was available. Sometimes it was homemade, but often store bought.

I would have to give the nod to grape jelly as my go-to, but I like raspberry and strawberry too. I will try anything from marmalades to jalapeƱo. I also like the squeeze bottles they come in now, making it easier to apply.

Somewhere in my adult years, I warmed up to peanut butter. Now when I have jelly on toast, it usually starts with a layer of peanut butter that has to go on when the toast is hot so it can get a little melty. (Is that a word? Turns out it is.)

Life's simple pleasures. Jelly. Gloves. Coffee. Little joylets to help me maintain a grateful mindset.

Have a good day! Unless you've made other plans.