Today I am grateful for the sound of ice and snow crunching under my boots as I walked our dog just now. I am also grateful for co-workers who help me in so many ways, and make my job more enjoyable.

MAGNIFY. There's a word to ponder. To make larger. See more clearly. Look at a definition for magnify and you will find words like boost, enhance, amplify, maximize, intensify. These all describe what I try to do with gratefulness in my daily life. Enhance the positive. Amplify the beauty and awe that is right here.

Our own minds are the magnifying glasses we apply to our life and the circumstances we are in.
So I need to continue to ask myself questions such as these:

What am I choosing to magnify?
Blessings or curses?
Gratitude or misery?
Self-care or self-pity?

How I answer these questions determines my perception of self and surrounding world. The answers matter a great deal.

I also give thanks for lenses, microscopes, and other equipment that magnifies what doctors and others are looking at. Such magnification finds problems sooner and addresses concerns more effectively to help people live longer and better lives.

Today the positives and daily gifts around us will be magnified if we focus on them. Will you join me?