Today I am grateful for motivation to be healthy and for those who help inspire me when I am feeling less than inspired myself.

It's back to our Z-A list now. "X" can be a little more challenging because it is a letter with fewer options. But did you know, according to thefreedictionary.com, there are over 2500 words that start with "x" in the English language? That is still a paltry amount when compared to "t" with over 41,000.

I have already used X-rays, Xerox, xenial, xiphoid, and xyst, so I turn my attention this time to XENOLITH.  A xenolith is a fragment of rock embedded in another kind of rock. A more geological sounding definition is: a fragment of rock differing in origin, composition, structure, etc., from the igneous rock enclosing it. They typically result from volcanic eruptions and are valuable in terms of information they can provide to scientists.

I had a rock collection when I was growing up. I still have a coffee can full of some of my finds. I am pretty sure there are no xenoliths to be found in my collection.

Instead, I find myself pondering things like:

-Like humans, every rock has a story, and the rock's story is usually much longer than the human's. There's some humility in that for us as humans.
-There are people we all know that are similar to xenoliths; they came from somewhere else and they stand out a bit, but they have become part of the local area and fit nicely. They help enhance our landscape so to speak.
-A small, smooth rock, held in my hand, is a source of comfort and strength.

Maybe you have such a rock in your pocket right now. If not, you can always get one. Holding a rock helps to ground us, helps us feel part of the larger planet. There is awe in that. Awe brings gratitude and presence.


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