Today I am grateful for time with our grandson Leo and the fun we have together. I am also grateful for recipes--new ones and old standbys.

TROUBLE is the "t" word I arrived at today, for no particular reason. The thing about trouble is that it can't be avoided all the time, but the hope would be that I'm not creating my own troubles or being troublesome to others. 

Some people seem to relish trouble or being a troublemaker. I have seen that in students over the years. Nothing shocking there. They are seeking attention in ways that they feel work for them. The counselor in me wonders what is behind that. I have been able to help some students and their parents figure some of that out. That is gratifying work and always insightful to me. 

It is more troublesome when adults keep looking for trouble, when they keep repeating negative patterns. We all do it in small ways. For me, one example is eating too many sweets. That can get me in trouble with my weight and fluctuating mood and energy levels at certain times of the day.

The bigger troubles are actions that are harmful or abusive to self and others; actions like substance use, angry outbursts, or overspending. 

There is simple wisdom in the phrase "Don't go looking for trouble."  I think I will go with that today.