Today I am grateful for the beautiful walk I just took with our dog Oliver in the arriving daylight, my favorite time of the day. I am also grateful for every poem I have written in the last 40 years. There are hundreds and they have each helped me get to know me better.

I am back to my Z-A list today. I used to pride myself on always being PUNCTUAL. In fact, I was often early. I have loosened up a little on my own expectations, but it is still very important personally and professionally.

I didn't realize it until I was married with children in the mix how easy it was when I was single and only had myself to get out the door. Punctuality simply requires a little planning and foresight. My problem is I get sidetracked.

My husband Darcy just shakes his head because I am usually the last one ready when we are all heading out together, even though I have probably been up longer than anyone else. I multi-task and do other things as I move around the house, instead of getting entirely ready. Then I may have to rush to finish getting ready.

I do the same thing to myself on work mornings. I get up in plenty of time, and I am a low maintenance gal so it doesn't take me that long to actually get ready. But add exercise, writing, walking the dog, doing laundry and some of my other typical morning tasks and I can end up having to hurry. That is not a good way to start a day. So I keep working on this area of my life. Pausing and prioritizing are helpful.

Punctuality when it comes to meeting others socially is something I am pretty consistent about. It's convenient to be able to send a quick text if running late. I appreciate getting a similar text from the friend I am meeting, because I know what the new time frame is. Less worry and less hurry for all involved.

Getting to a meeting on time at work is really about respecting each other's time and being professional. I strive for punctuality and expect the same of others. As a counselor, I can certainly have situations come up that will lead to tardiness--but for good reason. If communicated to those needed, I maintain my professionalism.

Punctuality fits my efforts to be mindful and balanced.


  1. I think I'll just do a few things and before I know it I have to rush to be out the door. I think it's rude to be late, that's the way I was raised.

    1. You too, huh? I continue to work on this. Get ready first and then see what time is left to get other things done. It is an easy idea really. And I agree, to be late is rude, though we will all have circumstances that interfere at times. As long as I am not the one who causes the interferences. Thanks!


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