A 3 x 3 of the Medical Variety

Today I am grateful for medical technology and for family and friends.

One of the gratitude practices I sometimes use is what I call "doing a 3 x 3."  It is simply naming three things I am grateful for and then giving three reasons why for each. It is indeed an easy way to multiply gratitude. I encourage you to try it. Write it down or just say it. Use any number combination you choose.

Here is one I started yesterday as I nervously waited for Darcy to come out of a medical procedure:

1. Good signage at the medical facility we were at
-guiding us to where he needed to start and the next steps
-to help me walk off some worry and know where to return
-to more easily find our car when it was time to go home

2. Kind people
-nurses who kept me informed and with Darcy when I could be
-a woman to share conversation with instead of sitting in my own fear
-the doctor who was straightforward but considerate with his words

3. Medical technology
-a scope allowing a look at a concern and yielding ample information
-a TV screen in the waiting area keeping me updated on Darcy's status
-that same scope giving us a real picture of the real reason for Darcy's recurring pneumonia

Go ahead. Multiply some of your own gratitude today. 


  1. Thanks for reminding me of 3X3 - I like this tool.

  2. I had kind of forgotten about it myself. I will try to use it more often.


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