Santa's Helpers

Today I am grateful for opportunities to be of service and for the event our church supports known as "Santa's Secret Shop."

For several years now, our church has hosted this event with the help and involvement of other churches and agencies in our community. It is an opportunity for families who can't afford to shop for Christmas gifts to come and shop for free. Gifts are donated and the children shop for presents for their parents and siblings.

There are gift wrapping stations and a parent's lounge where parents can relax while their kids shop.
It is a really nice event that touches many lives in many different ways. I don't know yesterday's numbers, but last year about 250 children participated.

On the one hand, I am saddened by the level of need in our local area. On the other hand, I appreciate that one of our community's strengths is having programs to support those who seek it.

Darcy, Sam and I helped set up some on Friday afternoon. Then we went early yesterday to shovel after the fresh snowfall, making it easier for all to park and come and go from our church. We returned a third time to help clean up.

It is important to Darcy and I to include Sam in these efforts, and though he may be a bit reluctant, he always steps up. It is an eye-opener and gives us true perspective. To be of service is a great opportunity and a great responsibility.  We are grateful to do our part, and grateful to be able to.


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    1. It really is. It's a great way for many people to have more smiles this time of the year and that's a good thing.


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