Change is the Watchword

Today I am grateful for the milk and cereal I enjoyed for breakfast and the dairy farmer and cow that started the process that led to the convenience of me picking up a gallon of milk at the store.

Just to keep me on my toes, or my writing fingertips as the case may be, here is another fortune cookie prompt:
"Change is the watchword of progression."

Change or become stagnant. Move forward or get stuck. Take some risks or just keep wishing. It can be said in many different ways, but it comes down to growth and change go hand in hand. 

There are other words we may hear more than watchword; such as buzzword, slogan, catchphrase, or motto. But watchword seems especially fitting when applied to gratitude practice. Watch. Pay attention. What needs changing? What needs maintaining? Both are sources of gratitude reminding us of our humanness.

Progression. My first thought is that progression isn't always a good thing. Progression deeper in to an addiction can be deadly. Progression in an abusive relationship can be stifling at the least and fatal at the worst.

Often though, progression is a positive. Progression toward a worthy goal is the stuff life is made of.
Little steps. Big shifts. Both matter.

I am also thinking of the line "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Change isn't always necessary. Don't change what is working, unless it is to make it even better. Consider changing what isn't working well. Sometimes that simply means taking a small step to do it differently, or to approach it with a different attitude.

These are all good thoughts for me to ponder today. I look back with deep appreciation for the positive ways I have changed since putting down my last drink, since meeting my husband, since becoming a parent.  I remain a work in progress, but my direction is solid.

How are you feeling about the watchword of change in your life today? 


  1. The fear of change can paralyze for a lifetime. I Am no longer stuck, but baby steps sometimes feel like giant leaps. Progress Lisa!

  2. Progress indeed! No longer stuck means we have options and opportunities we never knew we had. Thanks Danita! More change and growth await.


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