Today I am grateful for lotion, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrushes. I am also grateful for clean water to help me use and benefit from these products.

As I put on some lotion last night, this morning's blog post took shape. I use lotion daily, and this time of the year it can be several times a day. For something I use and appreciate every day, I knew it hadn't shown up in this blog much, if at all.

A search revealed exactly one post, from three years ago, that even mentions lotion. Here is that post, titled "Painful Reminders" if you care to read it. Nearly 1500 posts, and I mention lotion, a product I use daily, only once until today. Gratitude practice only requires paying attention. Apparently, I haven't been paying much attention when it comes to lotion.

Each day, I apply lotion to my face and hands. The face lotion is a special one and a little more expensive. It's one of the personal care products I splurge on. It seems to help keep me looking a "youthful" 51.  (Along with drinking lots of water, and good, clean living.)

The lotion I use on my hands is more run-of-the-mill. I have tried many kinds and use it several times a day this time of year with the cold weather and dry air. I am grateful for the relief it brings, and I also appreciate the various scents. I have lotion in my purse and in my office, so I have a variety of scents to savor.

Lotion. Simple. Common. Appreciated.

I will appreciate and savor the lotion I use today and look for other simple, common gratitudes.