Just a Few Things

Today I am grateful for laughter, conversation, and good food shared with co-workers. I am also grateful for the feeling of belonging that I have among recovery friends.

I am keeping it simple this morning. Here are just a few things on my gratitude list from
the last couple of days:

*music that makes me feel nostalgic
*the wonder ingredient known as almond bark
*the energy in a school and among both students and adults
*knowing the solstice is just around the corner
*egg nog--alcohol-free, just like me
*cheerful people waiting in a long line at the post office
*people who understand alcoholism
*my friend Sara's Monday night text messages of support
*crock pots
*the acceptance I have for my mastectomy scars
*my old Wheaties jump rope

In these busy days with plenty to do, consider pausing to start a gratitude list and add to it as you move through your day. You might be surprised what shows up on it.

Have a good day! Don't forget to pause.


  1. I am just reading this today. I wish I would have been better at #7 sooner. It's a tough one when a loved one is drinking. I always said "He doesn't want to be this way". But he also did't want our help. So very hard.

    1. It is so very hard! I didn't understand it and I was living it. Addiction is very powerful and isolating. I know your loved one died this time of the year...I continue to be so sorry for your loss.

  2. Habitual Gratitude in my inbox every morning! Thanks Lisa.


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