Be prepared . . . in the days ahead

Today I am grateful for the beautiful snowfall and to be able to walk in it and enjoy the peace.

Today's post is inspired by another fortune cookie quote. I broke the cookie open and read the line, the went for a walk in the snow. Moving meditation to see what thoughts would come.

Here is the fortune:

"Be prepared to accept a wondrous opportunity in the days ahead!" 

Here are some of my random thoughts about it:

*"Be prepared to accept . . . " is a philosophy I try to apply every day. Accept life on life's terms. Accept results that are out of my hands. Accept that others have their own choices and beliefs.

* ". . . a wondrous opportunity" could be as simple as being at the right place at the right time to be able to offer assistance to someone in need, even if it is just carrying something for them or holding a door open. Any opportunity to be helpful and considerate is a wondrous thing.

* ". . . in the days ahead!" To best prepare for the days ahead, live in today. If I do that, I have better direction and more energy when each new day arrives.  

And I was struck by the exclamation point. I didn't add that. It was part of the fortune. Am I approaching today with fear-filled, energy-zapping questions? Or am I approaching it as a chance to see and experience the awe this day can bring if I simply pay attention? 

I choose the latter!


  1. Seems like the operative word is accept! If I am too busy not accepting something in my life , I may miss the wondrous opportunity.

    1. Acceptance. I need a truckload every day, applied bucket by bucket, moment by moment.


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