Perkins Through the Years

Today I am grateful for conversation, a shared meal, and some walking with my friend Liz and her granddaughter Victoria. I am also grateful for an afternoon nap as I fend off a nasty cold.

And I am grateful for Perkins Restaurants. I had two good meals at two different Perkins yesterday. A quick Google search tells me that Perkins was founded in 1958 and there are now over 400 locations across the United States and Canada.

My first experience with Perkins came in college in 1983-85. We were in the smaller community of Forest City, Iowa and nothing was open 24-hours a day. But about 25 miles down the road was Clear Lake, Iowa and a Perkins Restaurant that stayed open all the time. We made a few late night/early morning Perkins runs in our two years at Waldorf College. Those were some fun memories. Thanks for driving Deb! Patty melt and fries was my standard order.

Over the years, I continued to enjoy a Perkins stop many times. As we moved to our current community, we quickly noticed the large flag that is a Perkins trademark. Now we were living down the street from a Perkins. For years, it wasn't uncommon for us to take the kids there on Tuesday nights. That is when kids eat free. Easy for us. Good selection of kid's meals for them. Everyone wins.

We continue to visit our local Perkins from time to time and appreciate their varied menu.  The decor has changed more than once over the years, and the menu is ever-evolving, but we are grateful to Perkins for their good food and good prices.

Perkins run anyone?