Game Day

Today I am grateful for safe travels to and from Green Bay this weekend and for all the driving Darcy did. I am also grateful to have experienced game day at Lambeau Field with my stepson Arthur. He is, shall we say, a very avid Packers fan.

Thank you Arthur for sharing your Packers attire and enthusiasm with us. We had a great place to tailgate and equally impressive weather for late December. It was sunny and in the thirties. There really is something special about Green Bay and the Packers. There were lots of friendly people and Arthur wasn't the only one who went to the game minus a shirt under those bibs. 

I paused to take this second picture as Darcy and many other fans headed up the stairs and in to the Atrium to make our way to our seats. Lambeau Field holds 85,000, and the attendance on Christmas Eve was over 77,000.  

It was an enjoyable trip and my two favorite teams were playing. The only time I don't tend to cheer for the Packers is when they are playing the Vikings. But I defected on Saturday. Actually, I was fairly quiet as far as fans go, but when at Lambeau it is hard to be anything but a Packers fan.

Go Pack Go!


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    1. It WAS fun and we are glad we did it! And extra grateful that the weather was so cooperative too.


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