Our sacrifices connect, our benefits multiply

Today I am grateful for my five senses and that they are all in working order. I am grateful for my glasses which help me see better with my aging eyes.

I continue to consider how the sacrifices of others can and should show up on my gratitude lists. See Tuesday's post. I appreciate the opportunities I have to sacrifice my own time and effort to be of help to others. It is a win-win.

The sacrifice doesn't really feel like a sacrifice, especially if approached as a possibility to add to the positive stream of good in the world. If we are helping others, we are getting out of ourselves, even if briefly. If we are on the receiving end of the support, we are left feeling worthy. Someone cared enough to do what they did.

All of this connects us, creating a grateful weaving of human hearts and souls touching one another in simple and profound ways.

These connections in turn lead to each of us more readily recognizing benefits and sacrifices and internalizing them. Then something incredible happens--we have more energy and more grace to keep giving of ourselves and a more open heart to receive humbly from others.


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