A 2 x 2 of the Exercise Variety

Today I am grateful for our local writing group and our guest last evening, poet Margaret Haase.

I appreciated getting to writing group and seeing familiar faces, after being unable to make it for many months. I appreciated Margaret Haase's words of wisdom about the craft of poetry and writing in general, as well as her poems that she read to us.

How about a 2 x 2 today?  This one of the exercise variety. It is how I started my morning.

1.  Sweat
     a. I know I have worked hard and got my heart rate up, for my health.
     b. It cleanses stress and worry out of my body.

2. My vintage Nordic Track machine.
    a. The fact that it still works. Today was the first use in months.
    b. The fact that it was free at the curb and I have gotten years of use out of it.

What will your 2 x 2 gratitude multiplication be about today?