And a Few More

Today I am grateful for silence, enjoyed and embraced. I am also grateful for the changing light outdoors when there is snow on the ground.

With lists of various kinds at work and at home, it's a good idea to make sure one of them is a gratitude list, so here are a few more to add to what I started yesterday:

*printers that are working and accessible
*cake with light, airy frosting
*prayers-those prayed individually and collectively
*my husband Darcy's sense of humor (especially when it comes to my "occasional" moodiness)
*comfortable shoes and those who made them
*pants that fit (even this time of the year)
*the comfort level I have with many of my colleagues
*problems that have easy solutions, just requiring some literal or figurative legwork
*a variety of earrings to wear-many made by my sister Danita, I think of her when I wear them
*a conversation to remind me of the importance of sobriety and recovery
*those who clean our school halls, rooms, and offices
*those who provide music at our school masses
*the value of support groups, both for those coming for the first time and those who come for years

Have a good day! If you keep adding to your to-do list, please keep adding to your gratitude list too.


  1. I add hot cocoa in 60 seconds from my Keurig . It's heaven. Silly dogs, all snugly.
    Heat when it is cold outside. Christmas spirit. Colorado Christmas. My Banjo.

    1. Thanks for chiming in Danita. Wish we could sit and sip some hot cocoa together and listen to your newest banjo numbers. Miss you!


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