Slow with the Flow

Today I am grateful for the beauty of a fresh snowfall and eyes with which to see it. I am also grateful for the snowplow drivers who clear our streets and highways.

After a more frenetic pace and mindset on Saturday, I approached Sunday more calm. I think keeping "one" as a guiding word is helpful. Regular pauses slow me down in good ways. It seems I will go along smoothly for a time, then I start to get spun up with overthinking and overdoing. I catch myself sooner than I used to, but it is still a work in progress. I am still a work in progress.

So I will keep writing about it, practicing mindfulness, pausing for reminders like this one:

Small ice and slush flows moving past me as I stood at an overlook along the Mississippi River. Just stood. Just watched. As they moved by slowly, at the pace and in the time they were meant to. I internalized the concept of moving deliberately.

Go with the flow. Slow with the flow. Sounds like a reasonable approach to the day. Have a good one! 


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    1. Slow with the flow. It will be my mantra and mantram over the next few days. Slow with the flow.


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