Unexpected and Pleasant

Today I am grateful for a nice bike ride yesterday afternoon with Darcy, even with a brisk wind at times. I am also grateful for the opportunity to visit with my friend Bonnie.

By chance, Bonnie and I were able to have a visit in person yesterday.  It wasn't anything planned in advance. It just fell into place, making it a pleasant surprise. And though I am both fan and foe of social media, in this instance I was a fan. It was social media that helped us realize we could connect in person.

Neither Bonnie nor I could remember for sure the last time we saw each other, but it had been a while. Bonnie was one of my softball coaches in high school, and then we went on to coach together for 6 years. She was the head varsity coach and I was the assistant. We worked well together and I got to watch a program that was mediocre grow into a solid powerhouse with some great young women and the guidance, leadership, and motivation of Bonnie.

I really enjoyed those years of coaching. We had success as a team, but what I remember most is how much fun we had and how the team chemistry was strong and genuine. I firmly believe the latter had plenty to do with the former.

Here is a blog post from February of 2013 that talks some more about those fulfilling seasons.

Bonnie and I had a nice visit; catching up on our families, house projects, and a little softball too.
It was great to see you Bonnie! And thanks for still calling me "kiddo." :-)