Numerically Speaking, Self-Published

Today I am grateful for sunshine and warmer temperatures in recent days. I am also grateful that I can keep work things in perspective better than I ever used to.

I would like to share a poem with you today. It is titled "Numerically Speaking."  I wrote it for a contest sponsored by Common Good Books and Garrison Keillor. The contest theme was gratitude, so I was compelled to put pen to paper.

Truth be told, I knew this poem wasn't necessarily the kind of poem that Keillor would be drawn to.
I still enjoyed the process of writing, revising, and more of each. I still enjoyed the anticipation of deadlines and winner announcements.

It wasn't a winner in the contest, but I certainly don't regret the time and effort I put into it.
Maybe there is something in it that will touch you today. That is one of my goals as a writer.
Thanks for reading!

Here you go:

Numerically Speaking

Twenty years
Of diligence
One day at a time
Eleven journals filled
A line at a time
Hundreds of blog posts
Single post
By single post

All to achieve a more
Appreciative state
Moving from self-defeated
And depleted
To energized and engaged

Less at odds with the world
And myself
More even-keeled
In my approach
To being human

Much has been added
With simple effort
It amounts to pausing
And acknowledging
Enough is already here

There have been
Subtractions too
Limited self-pity
Fewer difficult days

Habitual practice
Of gratitude
Has changed
My angle on life
From negative
To positive

How could I know
The gratitude would grow

Multiplying awe
Dividing drudgery
Increasing patience
Decreasing despair
The sum now equals
Healthier perceptions
And the will to serve

But the numbers that really count—
This one day
This one moment
The solitary decimal point

That is where gratefulness
Can be counted on

April, 2016


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