Feel the Pain

Today I am grateful for what writing/journaling has led me to discover over my life. I am also grateful for talk to text. It does come in handy at times and I used it to start this post.

On Tuesday night, a broken nail on my right pinky finger caused me considerable pain when the nail got ripped after getting caught on something. I don't even remember what I caught it on, but I knew right away it would hurt and keep hurting. It was still really tender yesterday morning.

These random thoughts passed through my mind as I felt and thought about pain:

*This is nothing compared to what some people have to deal with every day.
Keep it in perspective.

*Our nerves and brains are amazing conspirators-sometimes they deliver pain, but
they also deliver pleasure.

*My life has included more emotional pain than physical pain. Or at least it was the emotional
pain that cut more deeply and lasted longer. That may not be your story. It is mine though.

*Today I consider the full range of emotions I have known, from the lowest lows to the highest highs, to all be blessings. They have given me a healthy perspective on my self and my life. I know no other way I could have gained such perspective. That's my story too.

*I have started and finished 13 full marathons and I wouldn't say I was in serious pain in any of them.
Seriously exhausted for sure, but not hurting so bad I wanted to quit.

*When it comes to feeling physical pain, two of the most painful memories I have were bookends to my breast cancer surgeries. The shot I got in my right nipple before my lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy was 10 seconds of excruciating pain I will never forget. That was my first surgery. A few weeks after my third surgery, bilateral mastectomies, when my surgeon removed the drain tubes on each side, I felt significant pain and wondered just how long those tubes were.

That fingernail and fingertip are less sensitive and healing now. The pain was short-lived. I am grateful for that. I am also grateful that the emotional pain I used to know regularly has subsided.
In that respect, gratitude practice has been a wonderfully effective pain reliever.


  1. Isn't it funny how sometimes the smallest body part can produce pain way out of proportion. I got stitches in my thumb and when the needle went in to numb the area I involuntarily cried out.and tooth aches and earaches. I too have experienced much heartache, but I learned and changed and that is the gift.

    1. Silver linings come in all sorts of packages don't they? Thanks Word Hound!


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