Today I am grateful for all of my siblings-seven sisters and five brothers.  I am also grateful for
words like harmony.

Speaking of siblings, a birthday wish today for my oldest brother Linus!

A recovery friend used harmony the other day in a conversation and I have been carrying it around in my head since. It is a far better word than some I have carried around in my head before.

Harmony. Peace. Internal calm. Sounds good to me. Do I recognize it when I see it or feel it?  More than I used to. I have traveled far from the internal discord I lived in for years. I prefer the current view. And that positive view is best seen by pausing in this moment.

Another definition I came across for harmony was "a pleasing combination." Pizza and ice cream.
My husband Darcy and I and a good movie. Early morning quiet and time to write. Recovery and running. Coffee and coffeecake. Friends and laughter. Colleagues and mutual respect. My son Sam and I and a game of catch.

My life is rich with pleasing combinations and an adequate supply of harmony. I think I will keep carrying the word harmony in my head so I can better feel it in my heart and soul.