Energy Transfers

Today I am grateful for recovery friends who share their laughter and their wisdom. I am also grateful for the beautiful sunrise this morning.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to chaperone a field trip for some of our students. It was called "Energy and U" and was hosted by the University of Minnesota. We saw, and heard, some cool things. Energy is fascinating.

Energy is really what makes all things possible. I was especially left considering these truths as I left yesterday's presentation:

1. You cannot create energy. 
2. You cannot get rid of energy. 

It is all about transferring energy. It can be a delicate balance and I sometimes am out of whack. Where is that energy when I feel depleted? What have I given it to? What do I need to transfer it back? Food? Sleep? Exercise? Mindfulness? Gratitude? Some of each seems to help me strike that balance.

Scientifically speaking, we cannot create energy. But I believe that being around, or in contact with, certain people gives me more energy. Synergy. The sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Gratitude practice generates synergy. Thanks for being part of my gratitude practice.

Today I will be aware of the energy I am using, giving, taking. Today I will be grateful for the chance to put my energy to the good. 


  1. My career as an electrical engineer was spent with energy. And yes, you are correct... everything in our world can be traced back to the transfer of energy... everything. I see gratitude as a perpetual motion machine... something that creates energy, which goes against the laws of thermodynamics. Regardless, I agree with your synergy observation Lisa.

  2. I like the idea of gratitude as perpetual motion machine. And at least breaking the laws of thermodynamics won't land me in jail. Though it may lead to more peace and energy to serve. Thanks Steve!


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