Olfactory Observations

Today I am grateful for shelter from the rain and for my working senses, especially my sense of smell.

I have never gone a night without a roof over my head, except by choice. There are many, many people who aren't afforded that luxury. It is humbling to be sheltered from the storms in more ways than one. I believe I have a responsibility to honor and care for these gifts. 

When I step out of my shelter lately I am greeted with some olfactory observations. The nose knows when spring is here and it especially savors the smell of lilacs. On my run yesterday, I was treated to several chances to catch a clear whiff of lilacs as I ran past. What a treat!

Having just been to visit on the family farm too, I was further met with smells I appreciate. Freshly-worked soil. A lawn just mowed. A pleasant mix of hay, feed, and yes, manure. Air that is fresher and more crisp than in the city. Or at least it seems that way to me.

Here is a post from May 21, 2014 titled "Nerves in Bloom" that touches on some of this too.

My olfactory observations tell me that my surroundings are full of potential pleasantries. I can slow down and pay attention and let my nose take it from there.