Today I am grateful for a good training run yesterday with Darcy, for a nap, and for time with our grandson Leo.

Last night we got to have a sleepover with Leo. We see him regularly, but this was the first time he spent the night. 

We went for a walk, played in the backyard, did some reading, stacked blocks, went to the "choo-choo park" and more. At 15 months, he is really getting the hang of slides and he loves to climb stairs-both at our house and the park.

We enjoyed the nice evening and had the ulterior motive of wearing him out to improve the chances of him falling asleep and staying asleep. It worked well. After his bath, it was bedtime. We had to (or should I say got to) do a little rocking. The first attempt to put him down didn't work but the second one did. Grandpa had the right touch.

I was reminded of our son Sam's early years and the importance of bedtime routine. I loved that time as a mother. Reading to Sam right before bed was part of our routine for many years and was one of my favorites.

There is sweet comfort in putting a little one to sleep and hearing their even and calm breathing. 


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