Green with Gratitude

Today I am grateful for an afternoon nap yesterday after a busy morning of running and cleaning. I am also grateful for my first FaceTime chat-with my sister Danita.

It's not so much that I am green with gratitude, but more that all the green is making me grateful. We didn't have a lot of snow this winter, and we had extended times of gray and brown. We were teased with some early warm weather and then it got cold again, slowing down the return of green.

Rain, some warmth in recent weeks, and some good old patience have brought out the green grass and lawn mowers, filled the trees with leaves and blossoms, and has flower beds bursting with fresh
greenery. It is so welcome to the eyes and the heart after all that gray and brown. I appreciate that my eyes can see those colors.

Green has always been a favorite color of mine, mostly for the reasons above. It has always symbo-lized growth to me, personal and plant growth. Green is about new life and that energizes me and brings hope.  

Green, growth, and gratitude all go hand in hand. Acknowledging the green that makes me grateful allows me to continue to grow more spiritually fit and more receptive to my own personal growth.

See the green that abounds today, this first day of May. Feel the growth that is possible in each of us as much as it is possible in that plant or tree or blade of grass.