Pout or Write

Today I am grateful for a nice meal and pleasant conversation at my school's staff appreciation dinner last evening. I am also grateful to my colleagues Colleen and Tim and their 40 (yes 40!) years of service to our school.

I also very much appreciate this zinger of a quote from Duke Ellington:

"I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some blues."

Lament the past and regrets we have, depleting hope and energy? Or live today with it's endless possibilities?

Stay mired in the muck of self-pity or gain a healthier perspective through gratitude practice?

Pout or write? Be stymied by negative or pushed forward by positive? 

If Duke Ellington had kept pouting, we would be minus his great musical contributions.

How can I best contribute today?  Write on.  Live in the present.  Remain grateful. 

Less pouting. More living.