Arrogant and ignorant, or simply present?

Today I am grateful for good rest after a full day. I am also grateful for the wisdom and simplicity of living one day at a time.

People in recovery from alcoholism and other addictions are often encouraged to live one day at a time. Or just an hour at a time when things may be particularly challenging.  It's really a good approach for all people at all times, regardless of circumstances. 

But I don't often think of it in the these terms: 

“How arrogant and ignorant of us to believe that we can do anything 
but live one day at a time!”

These words are from author Anne Wilson Schaef in her book Meditations For Women Who Do Too Much. It is a book of daily meditations and I have worked my way through it more than once over the years.  Over-doers and over-thinkers like me can find some direction, humor, and acceptance in this book.

Arrogant and ignorant though? Sounds kind of harsh. Truth hurts. Truth helps. 

And the truth lies in the awareness and simplicity of the present moment. 


  1. Now that is the book that I need. I will be looking for it. Even at my age, I try to do too much. Definitely I have an arrogance about it and need to figure how to comfortably back off.

  2. It really struck me when the words arrogance and ignorance were used. I continue to work on acceptance of my humanness and that of others. The book is a good investment. Thanks Lana!


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