Road Trip

Today I am grateful for safe travels yesterday and for my physical capabilities. I am also grateful to my husband Darcy who did all the driving on our road trip.

The travels took us to Benson in western Minnesota to see my stepson Arthur and his wife Alyssa. We first stopped at the Benson Bakery for a treat. It is our favorite spot in town and Darcy especially likes their sour cream raisin bars. We had to bring a few home. Luckily for Darcy, I like the bars but not enough to clean them out like I might some other sweets lying around.

Then we headed to Arthur and Alyssa's place and got to see their cats Licorice and Triscuit. You can probably figure out which one is which in the picture below. What you can't see are the t-shirts Arthur and Alyssa are wearing. They say "Best cat mom ever" and "Best cat dad ever." They are cat people. We are dog people. But we share the love of our pets.

Overall, our grandson Leo was a good little travel companion. Not bad for a 14-month old. The picture below captures a little of that angst from being cooped up too long though. We pretty much managed to entertain one another and share some giggles in the 6 + hours of driving. 

Sam liked the open fields of farm country. Emily got to see the area for the first time. Leo enjoyed the slide at the park, even though it was chilly. We all enjoyed the time together. Road trips, even for a day, are a good way to get perspective. Both on where we travel to, and where we travel from.