Today I am grateful for collaboration with colleagues and for our daughter-in-law Alyssa.

Happy Birthday Alyssa!

I was walking in my community's downtown riverfront area the other day thinking random thoughts. I was in a peaceful place and the word that came through was undergirded.

I was compelled to take a picture of the undergirdings of our bridge, over which thousands of vehicles travel each day.

The tan pillar in the lower right is a portion of one of the piers of the previous bridge, which was in use for over 60 years. It is now part of an overlook. 

I drive over this bridge often, but rarely do I think about the structural support provided 
beneath the roadway. 

Today, in my own life, I will strive to appreciate that which undergirds and fortifies my existence. There is a foundation of faith and the love of others. There is recovery and wellness. There is gratitude practice. In all these and more, I find strength and energy to proceed.