Turn Up the Radio

Today I am grateful for my husband Darcy and our marriage and for being able to hear birds sing and many other sounds.

Yesterday on my way home from work I heard the song "Turn Up the Radio" by Autograph. That song takes me back to my drinking days and one of the bars I did some of that drinking in (actually quite a bit of that drinking). I won't name it here-to protect the innocent and the guilty-but some of you reading this will likely know which one I am talking about.

The song came out in 1984, the year I turned 19, which coincidentally was the legal drinking age in Iowa at the time. We had some songs we played regularly on the juke box in this bar, and "Turn Up the Radio" was tune #139 if I recall correctly. It was a good way to get the evening rolling.

From time to time, an old drinking song will take me back in ways I don't go back in very often. Yesterday was one of those times. It was Friday afternoon before a long weekend. The week was too interesting at work. The school year is almost over. It was our seniors' last day. I was already primed when the song came on the radio.

I rode the emotions, but only for a short time. They don't hold the power and pull they used to. They ran out of steam quickly. Replaced by deep gratitude for recovery and sobriety.