Daily Gratitudes

Today I am grateful for the ten fingers and ten toes that I have.  I am also grateful for the cooler morning air after a warm day yesterday.

I appreciated Steve Foran's guest post yesterday and the insights within it. Like Steve, I have learned that if I am feeling too harried and hurried to pause for a little gratitude, then that is exactly the time that I need it most. That is also why I have woven practices like journaling and blogging in to my days. I keep refilling the tank so I don't run out of gas, so to speak.

Inspiration and direction come in many forms and Steve's work has inspired me to do more reading of other people's gratitude sharing as well.  Here is a link to Steve's "Daily Gratitudes" website. It is a great place to write and share some of your own gratitudes and also read those listed by others. It all adds to the positive stream of life, and reminds me that gratitude abounds if we just pause, pay attention, and look around and within.

Here is what I shared on "Daily Gratitudes" just a few minutes ago:

Today I am grateful for:
-every game of catch I get to play with my son Sam, last night it was football
-this gratitude-sharing community
-the co-workers who I also consider friends and confidants

Some days I may just read other's contributions. Some days I will add my own. Both further deepen my sense that there is good in the world and within me. And that allows me to go out and better serve that world as a fully contributing human.  Thanks for providing this forum Steve!


  1. Thank you for sharing this news again Lisa. I draw so much from the gratitudes of others... especially those who think differently than me. As always, I look forward to Habitual Gratitude in my inbox in the morning.

    1. Thanks Steve! I have stepped up my efforts to read and contribute to your "Daily Gratitudes" and I am already surprised by the benefits. As you said, it really helps me to read the gratitudes of those who may come at life from a different perspective than I do.


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