Today I am grateful for new bikes and a nice bike ride on a sunny afternoon. I am also grateful to share humor within the walls of my family's home.

Being green with gratitude yesterday brought thoughts of the often heard "green with envy" phrase. We are all prone to envy at times. It's a normal human emotion. But if it grabs hold and starts consuming us, it is detrimental and defeating.

We will never have all that we want, but most of us have what we need and much more. Beginning each day with gratefulness and trying to carry that throughout my day helps me realize I have enough and gifts far beyond. The words below from Edward Hays ring true:

"Giving thanks constantly and in all circumstances liberates us from envy."

Don't let constantly scare you. It is more about developing a mindset where we see what we do have. When we choose to focus on what we don't have, our jealousy is fed.  A grateful mindset helps us avoid the trap of comparing our insides to other people's outsides.

We may falsely believe bigger and better material goods would help us feel happier. The more energy we give to chasing these things, the more bound we are by that, and the less freedom we will know. The freedom of appreciating that in this moment there is peace and contentment, working senses, a roof over my head, people who love me, and so much more, that is true liberation. It is also pure joy.


  1. There is much wisdom in this post. You are right about "constantly". And the thing is we can either constantly give thanks or constantly be jealous. Thanks for sharing.

    1. We do have a choice don't we? Therein lies the liberation.Thanks Steve!


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