DO Repeat This

Today I am grateful for laughter shared with colleagues and with my husband and son. I am also grateful for patio time this morning.

Yesterday morning I planned to go for a run before work. Preferring not to run in rain, I ended up with a shorter time to run. I decided to do some speed work. 

Now, mind you, the speed work I do at age 50 is a bit different than what I did at 15 or 25. It's important to keep this body guessing in ways and to shake up my metabolism. I can run for many miles, but sometimes it is more important to increase the intensity and shorten the mileage.

So I warmed up for a few minutes and then did some hill repeats. We have plenty of hill options nearby, and I like to use a spot where there are 2 hills. I run up one, jog back down it and am ready to run up the the next one.

I appreciate pushing this earthly vehicle of mine, this earthly vehicle that has hung in there for me quite well.

Some things are NOT worth repeating. But hills for training are worth repeating. So is gratitude practice. I am always in training to further deepen and strengthen my level of gratitude and the peace it can bring.

DO repeat what is healthy for you. I will DO the same. 


  1. Today's gratitude - rain. It is coming down slowly, making it a really good rain.
    Our porch - yesterday the boys played on it and I sat out there keeping watch and knitting.
    Baseball and softball - All but the youngest play. I feel that no matter how good they are, it is good to be a part of a team.


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