As I Sit And Wonder . . .

Living gratefully, I am enjoying this moment of quiet and a Palm Sunday sunrise in my warm and comfortable home, wearing one of my favorite warm and comfortable sweatshirts.

Palm Sunday. The beginning of Holy Week. This will not be like any other Holy Week I recall. These times are not like any that have come before in our lifetimes.

As I sit and wonder what news will come down the pike this week, what the pandemic numbers will do each day, who will face the biggest challenges to their health this week, I am heavy with worry and fear.

As I sit and wonder what the rest of Sam's senior year will hold, and not hold, what graduation may possibly look like and what it likely won't look like, I am heavy with sadness and disappointment.

As I sit and wonder what the immediate future holds for us all, for our health, our jobs, our bank accounts, I wonder what the distant future will look like as we get through this. I am heavy with trepidation.

As I sit and wonder, I consider these words on our living room wall:

This is not religion talking. This is spirituality. If religion enhances your spirituality, great! But religion is not necessary, in my opinion, to be a spiritually fit person. Just putting trust and faith in a power greater than ourselves, followed by helpful and humble actions. 

As I sit and wonder this morning, I feel that power and hope in my husband's laughter, in the clouds slowly making their way across a blue backdrop, and in my heart and soul. The heaviness lifts just a little.  And then a little more. 


  1. Hi Lisa,

    Your words convey what many of us are feeling. And that sense of trepidation feels heavy for me too. The number of deaths due to COVID19 is so startling and yet, I fear we almost adjust to the daily rise perhaps a bit too easily. It's a scary time. And yet, I go for my daily walks and for moments I forget we're living through a pandemic. The contrasts in reality are striking. I'm sorry Sam's high school experience is being so drastically impacted. Those are painful losses too. It's so hard. All of it. Thank you for your words. I always feel better when I read them. Stay safe. x


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