Today I am grateful for beautiful skies when I pause to look at them. I am also grateful for an ever-expanding vocabulary.

Theophany was a new word for me when my friend Germ mentioned it in April as the title of her upcoming book. "The presence of God" is something I seek and can find when I am mindfully grateful.

Here is the front cover of my copy of the book, which was published in May. Germ wrote the powerful poems that comprise half of the book. Her friend Lois Tschida took the stunning pictures that make up the other half. 

Between the beautifully woven words and pictures, I do feel and see the presence of God, or Great Spirit, or whatever name you choose to give to a deity. The pictures inspire awe and the words motivate understanding that is felt as much as read. Together, the words and pictures bring the viewer/reader to deeper grace and humility. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us Germ and Lois!

I wrote this post titled "Grounding" about Germ's thoughtful wisdom in February of 2013. Germ and I no longer work together, but she continues to make a difference to me and many others. Her writing gets to the heart of the matter-from pain, to healing, to joy.

Check out her website at If interested in purchasing this book or her first book titled Between Lost and Found: A Guide to Finding Wholeness After Abuse, both can be found

What I love about this book is that it will be one that I pick up often. A couple pictures or poems in a couple minutes and I will be reminded of what really matters. I will be brought back to center. Balance. Calm. Faith.