6 x 3 = 18 years! Happy Anniversary❤️

Today I am grateful for safe travels and for my husband Darcy and our marriage.

In honor of our 18th anniversary today, here is a 6 x 3 gratitude list I want to share so he and anyone reading this knows how much I appreciate, respect, and love him:

We have shared goals.
-putting family first in both words and actions
-working to stay healthy overall in the ways we can control
-keeping a clean and maintained home

He is my favorite running partner.
-getting up early so many Saturdays to get a training run in
-sharing marathon experiences including the 12 we have started together and
the 3 we finished together . . . so far
-the fact that we agree on being non-competitive and using the Galloway method

He is a wonderful father.
-his children look to him for advice and stability
-he broke a pattern that needed breaking
-he has fully embraced being a grandpa

A good temperament.
-his hearty laugh when something is really funny to him
-he is good at defusing me when I am worked up/anxious about something
-he gives himself time to unwind and relax after work and on weekends,
which is a good reminder and example to me

The head massages he treats me to. 
-he gives really good ones that usually put me to sleep
-I think they help my fine, thin hair stay fuller
-he is generous with his time

He is a supportive and forgiving spouse.
-Darcy respects my recovery from alcoholism and the time I need to give to it
-we discuss options, we don't tell each other what to do
-he forgives and forgets better than I do

Happy Anniversary and I love you Darcy!