So Sew

Today I am grateful for easy access to clean water and how refreshing a shower
can feel on a hot day.

Sewing has become something of a lost art. Though for me, it was never an art. It was a project/assignment in a class I think was called Coed Consumer Living when I was a high school freshman. The skirt I completed was never actually worn. The crooked waistband, among other things, kept me from parading around in it. (Those who knew me as a youngster would say I didn't like to be in anything dressy or too girly-girly.)

My mom and several of my sisters were good at sewing and I was impressed with their skills and end products. It just wasn't one of the things I cared to try much.

In the few years since that class, the extent of my sewing has been limited primarily to replacing buttons and small mending and hemming jobs. For years, anything bigger than that and I would take it home to my mom. Now, I am willing to pay someone else to do it.

As I did one of those button replacements last evening, I appreciated that I could do this simple task. I was grateful for my eyesight-strong enough to thread the needle and find buttonholes. I was thankful for fingers nimble enough to maneuver the needle. Not to mention the fact that I have plenty of clothes to wear in all seasons, and some will lose a button from time to time.

So a little bit of sewing brought a healthy dose of gratitude. 


  1. This truly makes me smile. It also shows how we each need our thing. Those things that you are good at, I'm not. If we were all the same, how boring.

    1. Celebrating both differences and similarities, and sharing our unique gifts, is indeed what makes life and time with others interesting. Thanks Lana!


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