The Key to Everything

Today I am grateful for traffic sounds that tell me it is business as usual here. I am also grateful for my sense of smell and what it is helping me enjoy on this crisp morning.

A few days ago, a lost set of keys impacted our lives in a few ways. All those ways were minor, in the whole scheme of things. But it was not without some frustration and a budding resentment on my part. 

Then, my recovery and gratefulness training kicked in. Acceptance of what I have no control over is always helpful, but especially in these kinds of circumstances. I let go of the frustration and anger and considered how I could be helpful. 

Was I inconvenienced? Sure. Did I have to adjust my plans? Yes. Did it all work out? Yep. As I offered assistance in the form of going to get a new set of keys for a vehicle, I ended up having time to myself to reflect on what had transpired. 

Here is what I concluded: The key to everything in life is accepting what I cannot change (other people, places, and things) and focusing on what I do have some say in--my own attitude and 
actions. Today I will strive to be a contributor, not a contaminator.